Never be Afraid to Walk Your Dog in the Dark Again!!

Are you tired of worrying about whether or not cars can see your tiny reflectors when you're walking your dog at night?

All dogs need to be walked at all times of the day. The Funky Lite Leash will ensure that drivers see you and your pooch when they're coming around that bend. The Funky Lite Leash has an electroluminescent wire running through it which lights up to reveal a neon green that cannot be missed. All you need are two double-A batteries. The light can be constant or it can flicker, depending on the walker's preference. 

This leash is very durable, made of rugged engineered plastic and with a stainless steel holding cable, no dog will ever be able to break or chew through thi

At only $24.99, which includes shipping, this is a must have for all dog walkers. It keeps you and your beloved pooch safe from the reckless night- time drivers.